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... Our Journey

Women’s wellness has come to the fore over the past few decades with very many different approaches to every aspect of our health and the stages we go through. There have been hundreds (it seems) of different diets, exercise crazes and ways to make ourselves more beautiful!

However, the journey we are on is different for every woman. We can all be taking a similar route but we are all in different vehicles with different people accompanying us going at different speeds and choosing different roads to travel to our final destinations.
Answers are what a lot of women spend their time looking for, often looking for the easiest solution with the smallest amount of effort required. We think “this is it…I’ve found the solution” and then we are disappointed when it doesn’t work long term.

Just like all models of cars, we are all different, some smaller, some bigger, have different extras, move at different speeds, perform differently and sometimes break down. We women need regular maintenance to work well, decent fuel to run on and need to look after ourselves! Wherever you are on your journey of life remember not all roads are smooth, we don’t always have control over our destination. Sometimes we get lost or take the wrong way but we all should try to drive our own vehicle and steer it as well as we can.

About Ceri

My passion has always been teaching. At a very young age I decided that my love for dance and movement should lead me to become a dancing teacher. I was a ‘mini’ and still am but I can drive as fast as a Ferrari if I wish to and as I become more of an old banger I know that with the right tools and maintenance I can stay off the scrap heap for some time yet with a bit of luck!

My journey had begun but like all journeys I decided to take a side road into fitness, Pilates and Women’s Health and Wellbeing. 30 years later I have gathered many travelling companions all at different stages of our journey. Having been through the major stages of a woman’s life myself, with all the joy and challenges that they bring I feel well equipped to support other women on their journeys. I have gathered knowledge from some of the most inspiring educators who have helped me develop the business I have and have a genuine interest in every person I teach.
Women’s Wellness has been a huge passion of mine for many years. I’ve seen fads come and go, learned from other women around me and continue to care and feel compassion for every woman’s individual journey. Come and join me on your travels through life and let’s enjoy the scenery along the way! Wherever you are on your journey; begin where you are now.

Have a read through the testimonials from clients throughout this section and you will see why Ceri’s specialist classes and courses are in such demand!