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Courses run every 6 weeks

Preparing your body for this special trip can make the journey smoother and easier so getting into good shape physically, mentally and nutritionally before becoming pregnant is something I encourage. At Cerisport we can help you achieve this through attending our classes or one to one training as we offer a diverse range of disciplines and plenty of guidance.


As soon as you are pregnant huge changes are happening in your body and the miracle of a new life growing inside you is about to take you on the ride of your life! You may be experiencing a few rough bumps and in your first trimester it is very common to feel very tired and nauseous. You are also adjusting to the idea of being pregnant and possibly feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension. This journey is a journey of the unknown, every pregnancy is different.


• Helps you to maintain fitness / strength /flexibility
• Helps maintain good posture and alignment
• Stretching releases tight muscles so helps with aches and pains
• We focus on core and pelvic floor strengthening and releasing to ensure the healthiest muscles
• Exercise creates a feel good factor and confidence in your body and the changes it goes through
• Helps with relaxation and breathing techniques
• Helps with a healthy weight gain
• Great preparation for the job of motherhood through practicing functional exercise
• Socialising with other Mums to be
• Aids recovery post birth
• There is the possibility of a better birth experience
• Our Prenatal Mums have FREE access to the specialist Prenatal WorkoutAngel Online course so you can safely exercise at home


Once you are in your second Trimester, I am happy to invite you to attend my Prenatal Pilates classes. I have taught women in many aspects of fitness during their pregnancy. For many years my aim was to create a calm and relaxing prenatal class, which for some women I teach, has provided them with something completely different from their fast paced workouts and opened a very valuable door! The classes have run very successfully since 2013.
My Pilates based programme is specifically designed to help Mums to exercise safely and effectively through this wonderful and exciting time but also to prepare for the challenging job of being a Mother.

I have a level 3 pre and postnatal qualification and an Advanced Certification in Pregnancy Exercise and Birth Preparation with Burrell Education, one of the leading educators in this field. My classes are recommended by the local Midwifery service and Health centres. Having had my own children, I can empathise with you and share my own experiences and now I have Grandchildren too I am truly in touch with little people!

We encounter so many rapid changes during pregnancy that need adjusting to. I will always work with any specific needs you may have and can tailor the exercises to suit you. My classes are supported by a practicing midwife who will always be happy to help with any concerns you may have and answer any questions that require a qualified medical practitioner’s answer.
I started with Ceri at 6 months pregnant, the prenatal Pilates classes were excellent to stretch out tight muscles in a safe way...also introduced me to the Swiss ball which was a lifesaver towards the end of my pregnancy.

I then started postnatal Pilates with Ceri 6 weeks after my little boy arrived. I was desperate to get back to exercise & was able to do this again in a safe environment. Ceri taught us to use our breath & listen to our bodies & within a matter of a few weeks I felt much stronger & was able to start challenging myself.

4 months on & I’ve ‘graduated’ having learnt a lot about my body & exercise which I will take forward with me in my my exercise regime.



• You will learn modified Pilates based exercises and motherhood movement patterns that will strengthen you specifically for the job! You don’t need to have practiced Pilates or be a regular exerciser to attend. We work on strengthening the whole body; your legs, arms, bottom muscles, deep abdominals and pelvic floor. This can help prevent aches and pains including pelvic pain during pregnancy.

• One of my specialised subjects is pelvic floor health and I work closely with a local Women’s health physiotherapist who recommends me to patients needing help to strengthen these muscles. Likewise, I refer clients if she feels they may need specific help from a specialist. I also link with other local practitioners and therapists so am able to help you if you are looking for any specific help.

• Stretching and staying mobile is important during pregnancy. We can often become tight in certain muscles due to changes in posture and changes to our centre of gravity due to our growing bump. It feels great to ‘iron out’ those tight muscles and provides a perfect opportunity to practice some deeper breathing and relaxation which is vital to gain the best from the stretches. Stretching helps to prevent back ache, headaches and neck tension too.

• Breathing and relaxation – the last part of our class is focussed on deep breathing and relaxing, which helps many of my clients through their labour and birth. So many of my participants remark on how helpful this part of the class is.

• Education – I aim to educate you as much as possible and to share any current information which may help you. This includes nutritional advice. The Cerisport Pre and Postnatal page on Facebook is an excellent facility where I post articles, videos and useful information for you to browse at your leisure. I am always on hand to support you; no question is ever a silly one.

• Meeting other Mums is something else the classes give you. I remember very well how isolated you can feel as a new Mum so making links with others from class is something I encourage. Lots of my ladies still get together regularly after meeting at my classes.

• The classes are supported by a practicing midwife who is happy to help with any questions you may have.


The classes run in six week blocks throughout the year.
The cost for a six week block is £75 but we also offer the opportunity for you to book into individual classes within the block for £12.50 per class. Our next six week block is already booking up fast but we still have some availability for the Season 10 block running from mid August through to late September. If you have any questions on joining us please contact us at the Studio

I look forward to helping you to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birth!

Ceri and her team are brilliant and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Having suffered with severe pelvic girdle pain in my first pregnancy, I was determined to manage it better second time around and stay as mobile as possible so I decided to sign up for the Pre-Natal Pilates course after a friend raved about it. Ceri was supportive and attentive, as she is to everyone, and ensured I was able to participate in every exercise whilst not pushing myself beyond my limits. I’ve no doubt this contributed hugely to a much easier pregnancy second time around and the subsequent Post-Natal classes have been both fun and effective in getting my core strength back – thanks Ceri!