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Something that I am extremely passionate about is encouraging postnatal Mums to begin exercising when they feel ready and in the safest possible way. This is not a time to begin intense exercise such as running, abdominal workouts or weight training, there is plenty of time to get back to that a bit later!

I first came to Cerisport about 4 years ago when I was expecting my first baby. The Prenatal Pilates Classes were amazing and helped me to prepare for my first labour. I then returned 6 weeks after giving birth to join the Postnatal Pilates, which were brilliant and so valuable to me. Ceri was fantastic at looking after all of us new Mums. I loved that it was a small group and she always tailor made the exercises to suit us all. Since then I’ve had two more children and each time Ceri has been there to welcome me back with open arms and to support my postnatal care. She’s such a wonderful teacher, I’ve learnt so much from her. Thank you Ceri x

Sarah M

Having been through pregnancies myself, I understand the pressures that are put on women to ‘get back into shape’. The focus of my postnatal sessions is to ensure that every woman understands that recovery from birth is not an overnight thing!

I encourage you not to compare yourself with celebrities or women around you who appear to look amazing post birth and have got back into their tight jeans super quick. What's going on inside is the same for you as it is for them during this time of recovery. Every woman will have the same challenges with a new baby and this is where support is so important. You will most certainly get lots of that at Cerisport!
There is much to consider when embarking on an exercise plan in the postnatal time. It will depend on what kind of birth you have had, how you are feeling and how you are coping with your new baby as to when you start back. If you are extremely sleep deprived or have a baby that is unsettled, life can be feeling pretty challenging and forcing yourself to exercise too soon can put you under extra unnecessary stress.

It is most definitely a time to be KIND TO YOURSELF.


• I help you to regain strength, rehabilitate your body following pregnancy, educate you on appropriate exercise and guide you back to previous activities
• I help you to stretch out the typically tight muscles you may experience doing the job of Mummy
• I will teach you a range of progressive exercises considering your level of fitness and any issues you may be dealing with
• You get the chance to have some ‘me time’ whilst the babies are being looked over in the studio
• I help you to understand pelvic floor health and ensure that these muscles are functioning well
• I support you fully on your journey as a postnatal Mum, help you build confidence in your new body and am here to listen if you need to talk
• You get to meet and chat with other new Mums and form new friendships, this is such an important part of being a new Mum
"I started prenatal Pilates with Ceri as I was exercising during pregnancy but wanted to do something that was less intense and that I could still do right up until my due date (or in my case, over, my due date!). What I wasn't expecting was that it was going to be hard, relaxing, enjoyable and that everything I had learnt would help me so much in labour. If it wasn't for the class there is no way I would have known how to relax as well as I did and how important or effective my breathing would be during labour.

I couldn't wait to do the postnatal Pilates class (especially as I could take my Son!) and I've made some great friends from it.
Ceri is a fantastic teacher who knows so much at a time when you need it the most!



* I will chat to you to establish where you are in your journey, check your abdominals to see if there are any concerns with diastasis or imbalance within the muscles and discuss any concerns following birth. You will be required to complete a screening form before attending class.

* A range of Pilates inspired exercises are taught in a relaxed and friendly environment and all exercises will be tailored to your needs. Class content is designed to improve pelvic stability, core/ pelvic floor strength, enable you to be ‘Mummyfit’ by strengthening the muscles that are challenged in your everyday life, to stretch out the muscles that are typically tight from baby care and to help relax and destress you.
We have 2 ‘nannies’ who watch over the babies. They are at the back of the studio so you can see them but enjoy your workout. We have baby gyms and soft mats to ensure they are comfy and entertained or can sleep peacefully in their car seat or buggy. You will ultimately be responsible for your baby but our nannies are happy to help as required. Insurance dictates that babies are not to be brought onto the exercise mats while you are exercising so babies are in the safest environment.

* Meeting other mums is a big part of the session and you are never rushed away after class. If you have any questions or want any advice, I am always happy to chat in person or via email at any time.


Booked in blocks of six, we are happy to accommodate you until you decide that the time is right to move on. You can rebook every six weeks and stay with the class until you feel ready to progress to our main timetabled classes or to your previous sports and activities. I will guide you and offer advice on what will best suit you and when you are ready to progress to other forms of exercise. In addition, our Cerisport pre and postnatal facebook page offers you advice and information that will be valuable to you as a postnatal Mum.


The classes run in six week blocks throughout the year.
The cost for a six week block is £75. We also offer the opportunity for you to book into individual classes within the block for £12.50 per class.

If you are interested in joining us please contact us at the Studio


You really are an amazing teacher, you've helped me to love my body, it's strength and resilience, even after 2 babies!