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... Pelvic Floor Health & Diamond Pilates Courses

As woman, whether you go through pregnancies or not, understanding how to maintain pelvic floor health is essential.

Men have pelvic floors too and although it is important that they maintain a healthy set of muscles the risks of problems is greater for women. For the purpose of this being a dedicated page to women’s wellness we are looking at pelvic floor health through a woman’s eyes.

After taking part in Cerisport’s Diamond Pilates class I can honestly say that I have a much stronger pelvic floor. Beforehand I found it almost impossible to engage my pelvic floor muscles, but with Ceri’s perfectly devised exercises, which have been so easy to incorporate into a daily routine, my pelvic floor is healthier than it has been for a very long time.


We know that one in three women will experience issues such as incontinence and prolapse but that although the subject is discussed more than it was publicly there is still a need to make this subject less taboo. Therefore I am passionate about bringing pelvic floor health to the fore and educating women so that they can lessen the risks to having issues as they journey through life.


I teach a programme developed by two prominent leaders in the fitness and women’s health industry. Cherry Baker specialises in Pre and Postnatal care; Pelvic Floor Health and Spine Safe Pilates. Cherry has also been a prominent figure in the fitness industry for many years. Tracy Gjertsen is a women’s health physio and Pilates teacher with years of experience. This course is delivered to you at the Cerisport studio and has proved very popular and produced successful results and improvements with past clients.


Anyone! Women and men benefit from attending this course.
However it is of particular benefit if;

• You suffer from stress incontinence
• You have recently had a baby or plan to in the future
• You are going through the menopause
• Have had a hysterectomy, hip replacement or if you are a man who has had prostate surgery
• You lift heavy weights
• You have a niggly back or back ache
• You know you need to improve your pelvic floor


• you will learn about the anatomy and function of your pelvic floor
• You will learn what can go wrong with these muscles and why
• You will learn how to rectify issues with the pelvic floor through specific exercises, breathing techniques and lifestyle changes if necessary
• I will provide you will full support and point you in the right direction if you need help from a medical practitioner
It is important to note that not all of us with pelvic floor issues need to work on a strengthening programme as sometimes the lack of good function can be due to over tight or imbalanced muscles. With all the work I do in pelvic floor health exercise I will always refer out if I know that a medical professional is what you may need. I also assure you of complete client confidentiality at all times.


I also offer one to one training in pelvic floor exercise and health should you prefer to work alone with me. Our Pod is a private space where you may feel more comfortable and relaxed whilst discussing more personal issues.


I hold workshops throughout the year, often with Teja Parbhoo who a women and men’s health physiotherapist is based in Ampthill. Together we are passionate about spreading the word so that less women have issues with their pelvic floor. The workshops are always fun and informative and are open to anyone who is keen to learn more about this very important area of health.
Please contact the studio for details of the next Diamond Pilates course or workshop
I have always been a keen sports person and ran a number of times during the week so when I fell pregnant I was really keen to find something to carry on with and satisfy my adrenalin fix. I slowly learnt that I wasn’t going to be able to train like I used to so I was desperate to find an endorphin kick. I saw Ceri’s Pilates classes advertised on a Thursday night so decided to give these a go. They were absolutely brilliant and exactly what I needed. Ceri offered her expert knowledge and guided us through every step of the way making sure we were all ok. I loved the classes so much and trusted Ceri wholeheartedly that as soon as I received the all clear from having my baby I joined the Postnatal Pilates sessions on a Tuesday afternoon. These classes also did not disappoint and there was the added bonus of nanny Jenny which was fantastic! Ceri again took time and care with each of us individually and we went at our own paces and listened to our bodies; there was no pressure whatsoever. It was also lovely to have some ‘me time’ with the other mums and make new friends or reacquaint with old ones. I am now back running a few times a week albeit slow. However, without the contribution of Ceri’s sessions pre and post Oliver it is highly unlikely that I wouldn’t be so thank you Cerisport x