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... The Years of Change

Midlife for women can present many challenges associated with the Perimenopause. We also have to accept the ageing process, the changes to our role as a mother and daughter, work pressures and coping with any stressors we have in our life.

Sadly, I think it is all too easy to view this stage of our life negatively when in fact, we are transitioning into what can be a wonderful time!

I have been to Ceri for years as I suffer from a bad back & she is the only person I trust in to help me exercise, she is very professional with a fab sense of humour,when your in pain you don't always feel like exercise but she always makes it fun.. Due to work I haven't been able to go to her classes lately but I hope to be back soon.... That's if you can fit me back in Ceri ?? X


As an educator of fitness and health since 1989 and having pursued a career as a dancing teacher previously, I have been fortunate enough to meet hundreds of women all going through different stages of their life and have gathered through observation and education a solid platform from which to teach from.
I have myself been through each major change of a woman’s life so feel very well placed to bring you the education you deserve and to promote ‘women supporting women’ which I feel is so crucial for us all.

My study of ‘the third age’ with Burrell Education has equipped me with some extremely empowering and amazing information which I am passionate to share!

Whether it be through teaching my classes; one to ones; my blogs or through dedicated workshops I plan to embark on the next leg of my own journey. This is to bring more information to you. To empower you to view this phase of life in a more positive light.


• Hormone health
• Bone health
• Exercise in midlife
• Pelvic floor health
• Breast health
• Heart health
• Stress management
• Nutrition for midlife
• Positive lifestyle changes
• Cognitive health
• The value of restorative activities
I have a dedicated Facebook page ‘The Years of Change’ which shares information about perimenopause and beyond and where we can support each other as we go through this stage of life. You are most welcome to ‘like’ the page and benefit from some helpful and positive information to help you along this sometimes bumpy journey.

For more information on how I can help you please contact me