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1. Visit https://cerisport.fitsoft.com/login - this is the booking system link without all of the pretty stuff so it loads quickly and is mobile friendly! Log in using your username and password you set when you enrolled on your membership.

2. You'll come to a page which is Manage Account. Click on the large Membership Tab at the top of the page

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4. This brings you to Schedule of Classes page. Click on Register green button alongside your chosen class

5. Click on Enroll / Book green button for the class – you shouldn’t need to pay if you are on a paid membership. PAYG members will pay the standard £9.00 per class. Using the above https://cerisport.fitsoft.com/login address is SSL secured for all payments.

6. You should receive a confirmation email if the booking has been successful.

If you have issues after following the above, do let Suzanne know on cerisport@kosmos-design.co.uk and she can assist you further.
Due to Government Guidelines we can no longer accept Drop In Attendees. You also need to have completed a Health Screening Form which include COVID-19 Confirmation Questions. This is for the safety of all our clients and instructors.