1 to 1 Training @ Cerisport

Although our classes are renowned for the individual attention we give our participants, our Personal & Specialist Training provides a dedicated session - just for you.

Your perception of ‘Personal Training’ may be a trainer trying to push you to your limits aiming to get you to to lift super heavy weights, box jump, flip tractor tyres and work until you drop! Whilst there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself or performing tough exercises a "one size fits all" approach to personal training is not what we are about at Cerisport.

As every individual is on a different journey, our aim is to establish exactly where you are on yours, taking into account any injuries or medical conditions you may have. We also take a look at your lifestyle and exercise history before we get started. A progressive and completely individual programme is planned for every client. This allows for changes to be made along the way and we always tailor the sessions to suit you for how you feel on that particular day.

We offer a diverse range of exercise disciplines and services at Cerisport enabling us to work with clients of any ability and age with various goals. See below what we can offer:

Exercise based sessions

* Strength training
* Cardiovascular training
* General Pilates
* Pre and postnatal Pilates and general fitness
* Exercise for Pelvic floor health
* Pilates for back care
* Exercise for Pelvic floor health
* Stretch training
* Dance fitness
* Exercise for Special populations

Other services

* Nutritional advice
* Lifestyle advice
* Women’s wellness advice including the following;
(Bone health, Hormone health, Exercise in midlife, Musculoskeletal health, Breast health, Pelvic floor health, Heart health, Cognitive health)
* Special occasion dances such as first dance for weddings

Please contact us for more information or to discuss our services and how we can help you. Email us on Info@cerisport.co.uk or use our Contact Us form